Our farms, our coffees and the sustainable triple bottom line

Most of the farms and coffee growers which are associated with Cocapil are either located in Ibiraci city or neighborhood cities. More than 80% of workers in the city are directly or indirectly involved on coffee industry. Even with more than 1.000 members, the producers still have the old and good way of personal contact with the directors and managers of the cooperative, receiving an almost instant feedback about their coffee beans.

We recognize the importance of the Sustainable triple bottom line where we keep in mind that the environment, the nature, the land, the water, all the natural resources are so vital to our lives than our selves, our people and community. And once the coffee producers get more and more conscious about that, the economic dimension which is the third foot on this triple line also becomes stronger, as the quality of the cup is directly related to the 3Ps: Planet, People and Profits.

If a producer doesn’t get the reward of higher price for his coffee after going thru all the efforts to produce a specialty coffee, he could loose motivation to repeat all the processes on the next crop. The market for specialty coffee is demanding higher grades every year, and we understand that the cooperatives and export associations have an important role in this game, stimulating the producers to move towards quality along profitable agriculture business.

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