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COCAPIL is a cooperative formed by small and medium-sized specialty coffee producers located between the Alta Mogiana and Sul de Minas regions, in Ibiraci (Minas Gerais) known as Alta Mogiana Mineira. Founded in 2001 by Laerce Faleiros together with other producers, the cooperative has contributed to the development of the region and to the production of specialty coffees, today recognized in Brazil and worldwide for their varieties, characteristics of their coffees and especially for their producers who spare no effort to produce a really special coffee.

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Pride, Authenticity and Excellence in producing Specialty Coffee

The Geographic Indication identifies and protects the origin of specialty coffees from Alta Mogiana Region, by its unique characteristics, the culture and knowledge of its people.

We seek excellence in coffee production and quality, cultivating authentic partnerships and promoting a continuous and responsible evolution for our Region and our partners.

Through coffee, we inspire people to build a better future.

Ibiraci - MG - Brazil

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